My audience

In this blog, I write with three audiences in mind. The first is teachers at large, who may have language learners in their classrooms and might be looking for tips on how to better address their students needs. The second audience, and the one I address more often, are teachers of English as a second or foreign language. I may eventually break that second group into three subgroups because they have particular characteristics:

  • Public school ESL teachers in the U.S.
  • ESL teachers in American intensive English programs
  • EFL teachers in Brazil or in other countries where English is not the main/official language.

Finally, although less often, I may write with English language students in mind. When I write to them, I provide tips and share my personal experience as a language learner, hoping that it can motivate them and help them learn more effectively.

If you have any specific topics you would like me to address or themes for my future posts, please leave me a message below. My readers are the real reason why I write, and meeting your interests is my main goal here.

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