50+ Biographies for Children – East Asia

I have selected one biography written for children to represent East Asia. I believe there are other phenomenal Asian people whose stories have been told in children’s books, but this was the one I found in the local library. I will continue looking for more books to add to this list.

Sachiko - book coverSachiko: A Nagasaki Bomb Survivor’s Story, by Caren Stelson

  • Lexile measure:
  • Grade interest:
  • Setting: Japan
  • Cultural group: Japanese
  • It is not by chance that this book has received twenty awards. Caren Stelton is brilliant in her account of the events that surrounded the bombardment of Nagasaki in 1945. The historic details are intertwined with the story of survival of Sachiko Yasui. Sachiko was 6 years old when the atomic bomb fell on her hometown and her house stood about half a mile away from the hypocenter. As written in the book, her family’s survival was a miracle. The book is carefully written and the author also provides extra resources, such as a discussion and activity guide, in her website. Click on the book cover for more information.


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